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Fantasy writers you can’t miss

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Fantasy writers you can’t miss

There is no better way to fall in love with books than a good fantasy novel. While some may argue that this genre is pure fun and has lesser intellectual value, I’d say that fantasy inspires imagination, promotes book reading as a fun activity, especially to the children and presents a great gateway for “serious” reading. But, that should not mean that reading fantasy is light and only fun and games – fantasy novels can be as engaging and philosophical as any other genre and provide questions and answers to some important intellectual questions. Here are some of the writers whose work you can’t miss, with their intricate worlds created to make you ask some deep questions.

Terry Pratchett

pratchettRecently passed away, this British writer is a creator of one of the most incredible and imaginative worlds in the literature. The Discworld, famous disc-shaped planet, laying on the backs of 4 giant elephant which are standing on the backs of a great turtle A’tuin, whose sex is still unknown is a place where these novels happen. This description alone can give you an insight into what kind of adventures you should expect. Typical British humor, mixed with incredible characters and witty remarks about our society and habits is an easy way to philosophize on some of the most important questions while laughing and wiping your tears. Only Sir Terry Pratchett could make you fall in love with Death, or his horse Binky while other characters are even more lovable, despite their less grim appearance. Wizards, warriors, witches and city guards are the heroes of his stories but for many of us Terry is the real hero of our childhood and adulthood.


Roger Zelazny

zelaznyThis American fantasy and sci-fi writer was a well-known figure in the 80’s but seems to be virtually unknown today. With his famous novel “Lord of the Light” he as even famous at the time and his many short stories have been very popular and some even made into movies. His trilogy, “The Chronicles of Amber” show an interesting world of what looks like immortal inter-dimensional beings that can travel through different dimensions by the sheer power of their will. Intense, political and smart, the events of his books are often critic of the society and human behavior while also a great source of fun, these books are something you can’t miss on.


Neil Gaiman

03-neil-gaiman.w750.h560.2xAn extremely versatile writer, ranging from children books with an overarching adult tones to comic books that set the fans ablaze, he is a figure of great stature among the fantasy writers. Gaiman is witty and intelligent and his books are ever so engaging and interesting, they are a great read for youngsters and adults alike. One of his best known works is the DC universe based comic book series about the dream god Sandman. He received more awards for this series than we can count and they are all well deserved. Sandman follows adventures of the Dream king, taking us through the weird world of gods, their everyday life and struggles, giving them human flaws and fallacies and creating one of the most innovative comic book series to this day.


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